RSC15 week 25


I’m making progress on my granddaughter’s zigzag rainbow quilt.  The aqua/light blue blocks were my favorite because of the many different hues to choose from without getting too dark.  So the actual blue blocks had to be the full range of light to dark for a contrast.  Now the purples are nearly done and only the pinks remain.  I don’t know where I can lay them out all at once though. 

I did order some backing fabric today from Missouri Star Quilts, Kona citrus, one of the cheeriest yellows.  I already have a lime green print Jellyroll for the binding.  But I have not made a bed size quilt for years and am not sure what to use for batting.  I do not plan on close quilting.  Any suggestions?
One more blue — I found this rolling stacker in our basement garbage room yesterday.  By the way, the best thing about senior apts in WI is the underground parking!  This thing was filthy with gardening dirt, but I ran each basket through the dishwasher and it cleaned up well.  Now the WIPs, overflow solids and batiks all have a new home beside the rolled up fleece blankets waiting to be Project Linus quilts.
I link up with RSC15 and Sew Cute Tuesday, hope you will check them out.

9 thoughts on “RSC15 week 25

  1. A friend lives in a seniors apartment building and she always says if she has something she no longer has use for all she has to do is bring it to the main lobby and it finds a new home before the day ends. Isn't it great to find useful things? Nice zigzag quilt in the works.


  2. The zig zags are coming along nicely. I like to use 80/20 quilters dream for my batting. It has just a little more loft than the all cotton battings. Especially nice for kids quilt.


  3. Coming along nicely, your daughter will be thrilled.
    I too use an 80/20 cotton batting and I have this in the king single quilt for my grandson, it is beautifully light and easy to quilt through.


  4. Finding someplace to lay out all the blocks for a quilt can be a real challenge. Good luck as you get the rest of the blocks made. I use Warm & Natural batting partly because it can be left unquilted for up to ten inches or something like that. We have quilts I made a decade and more ago that are only tied and the batting is still intact between the ties.


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