RSC15 week 18

Now it is May, so I got out my “Christmasy” greens to start.  But I felt that maybe they were too bright and overpoweried the balloons.  So I scrounged up some darker greens to mix in and am wondering if that mix will be better.  What do you think?  Maybe all my years in the Pacific Northwest have given me a love for the dark evergreens.  I do miss them here in the Midwest.

HERE IS A HINT:  Another bit of green.  I use a very inexpensive gardening glove with gripper dots on the fingers and palms for steady gripping.  It works well while maneuvering a large quilt for stitching or free motion work.  As you can tell, this one has been used and washed, but is easy to slip on and off.

Linked up with Rainbow Scrap Challenge and Sew Cute Tuesday.

8 thoughts on “RSC15 week 18

  1. Meanwhile, I prefer the middle greens of the Midwest over the darker greens here in the Pacific NW! But I grew up in the Midwest, and we do tend to cherish the things of our youth. I like the mixed greens in your balloon blocks. Best of both worlds!


  2. The greens in two different values seem to me to add a 'lil extra punch to the mix and I like that!
    The cotton lined rubber-gripper garden gloves that I use for FMQ'ing are from Walmart, but beware that they are only offered seasonally and that means you cannot buy them there in December.


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